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Monday, September 30, 2013

Upcoming workshop and presentations

I'll be offering a workshop at East Bay Charter Connect's Third Annual  Charter School Symposium on Friday, October 11, in Oakland, CA. My theme is "Connecting the Dots (math on the geoboard and dot paper)". This will include selected topics in algebra and geometry: area, distance, the Pythagorean theorem, simplifying radicals, dilation, slope, and more!


The following week, I'll give two talks at the Innovative Learning Conference at the Nueva School in Hillsborough, CA. On Thursday, Oct 17: "Reimagining High School Math", summarizing what I've learned in my 32 years building a somewhat unorthodox program at The Urban School of SF. And on Friday, Oct 18, "A Common Core Opportunity: Fixing the High School Math Sequence". I've been studying the Common Core State Standards. I will report on what I've learned, and make a plea for sequencing that is in tune with students' mathematical maturity and brain development.

Note: I've updated my Talks page to include these, as well as my Utah workshop (Oct 26) on "Three paths to the quadratic formula" and my Asilomar, CA workshop (Dec 7) on "Function Diagrams".

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