Geometric Construction, continued

Readers of this blog probably realize that I’m very much into geometric construction. This is in part related to my general interest in puzzles, in and out of the classroom. (In my other life, I construct cryptic crosswords.) My first math education publications were books of geometric puzzles for grades K-10. My pentomino puzzle books stayed… Continue reading Geometric Construction, continued

Seeing is Believing?

“Proofs Without Words” are proofs based on a visual representation of a theorem which provides a convincing argument about its validity without the need for any accompanying text. The genre has been much enriched by the increased availability of computer animation. This is of course relevant to math education: many of the concepts we teach can be illustrated visually, including with… Continue reading Seeing is Believing?

Math Ed Page Updates

In addition to my blog on WordPress (this site) I maintain a huge math education site, featuring articles about teaching math and tons of curricular materials. You should definitely check it out. I keep track of updates to the site on this page. I added an applet about the graph of y = ax2+bx+c :… Continue reading Math Ed Page Updates


4 December 2021: I presented a hands-on workshop at the California Math Council conference in Asilomar — Tiling: a Springboard for Geometry. Tiling the plane (tessellation) provides opportunities for students to do creative work they take pride in. It connects with art (e.g. Escher) and culture (e.g. Islamic design). And it provides a rich context… Continue reading News