Math Ed Page Updates

In addition to my blog on WordPress (this site) I maintain a huge math education site, featuring articles about teaching math and tons of curricular materials. You should definitely check it out. I keep track of updates to the site on this page. I added a brand new book of Supertangram Puzzles and updated the… Continue reading Math Ed Page Updates


2 May 2023: I sent out my e-newsletter: a summary of the blog posts and changes to my website so far in 2023. Subscribe! 14 January 2023: I presented “Geometric Puzzles: Tiles and Rep-Tiles” at the San Francisco Math Teachers’ Circle. More info on my Talks page. 5 December 2022: I sent out my e-newsletter:… Continue reading News


In between June 27 and August 4, 2016, I presented seven to ten workshops (depending on how you count) ranging from a couple of hours to four days. I share most of the handouts, resources, and slides on my Summer Workshops site. (See below my signature for more details on what’s there.) The site will… Continue reading Eclectic