Geometry Boot Camp!

I will offer two workshops this summer (2017), at the Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA. Sign up for either or both! June 26-27: Hands-On Geometry (grades 6-10) June 28-30: Transformational Geometry (grades 8-11) If the times or locations don't work for you, I can offer a workshop for your school or district. Contact me directly.… Continue reading Geometry Boot Camp!

Time and Tide

This is my yearly report on the Asilomar conference of the California Math Council, Northern Section. Because I was presenting three times, I didn't end up attending as many sessions as I would have liked. As always at Asilomar, I enjoyed hanging out with my ex-colleagues, running into friends, and meeting the occasional fan of… Continue reading Time and Tide

Upcoming presentations

I have a bunch of presentations coming up. That will be your last chance to hear me for a while, as my NCTM San Antonio talk was rejected†. Who knows, maybe retirement will finally kick in!Online Webinar: Reaching the Full RangeAs everyone knows, students learn math at different rates. What should we do about it?… Continue reading Upcoming presentations

More Notes from NCTM Phoenix

See Part 1 of my notes from Phoenix: A Brief History of Math Education (NCTM President Matt Larson's presentation.)Here is Part 2.Growth Mindset: telling is not teachingIn his short session, Dylan Kane pointed out that talking about growth mindset may be helpful to students "in the middle". But there are students in our classes who… Continue reading More Notes from NCTM Phoenix


In between June 27 and August 4, 2016, I presented seven to ten workshops (depending on how you count) ranging from a couple of hours to four days. I share most of the handouts, resources, and slides on my Summer Workshops site. (See below my signature for more details on what's there.)The site will remain… Continue reading Eclectic

Hoping to see you soon!

Here is a list of my upcoming appearances, ranging from 20 minutes to a full week. Perhaps you can attend one of them!NCTM National Meeting in San FranciscoA Hands-on Approach to Operations and Equivalent Expressions  Thursday 14 April, 8:00-9:15am. 3022 Moscone WestThis is a hands-on Lab Gear workshop aimed at grades 6 to 8. The… Continue reading Hoping to see you soon!

Visual Algebra

I will be teaching two instances of my Visual Algebra workshop this summer: grades 7-11, June 27-30, in Oakland; and grades 6-9, July 25-27, in Saint Louis. (More info). This is probably the topic I have presented the most often in the last 25 years.To many students, not to mention teachers, parents, and administrators, algebra… Continue reading Visual Algebra

Growth Mindset for Teachers?

Back in 2005, I spoke at the Asilomar meeting of the California Math Council. In that session (cheerfully titled "Nothing Works",) I presented a great many ideas about every aspect of the art of teaching math (slides | outline | article). Among those ideas:Make mathematical mistakes on purpose or otherwise, and model a positive response… Continue reading Growth Mindset for Teachers?

Summer Workshop Dates 2016

 I'll be offering four workshops for math teachers this summer. At the Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA:June 27-30: Visual Algebra (grades 7-11)July 1: Seeking Depth in Algebra 2At the Principia School in Saint Louis, MO:July 25-27: Visual Algebra (grades 6-9)July 28-29: No Limits! (Algebra 2-Precalculus)The grades 6-9 version of Visual Algebra is a subset of… Continue reading Summer Workshop Dates 2016

Northern California December Events

I suspect that some readers of this blog do not subscribe to my newsletter, so I will use this post and the next to let you know about some news in my math education life. If you did get the November issue of the newsletter, you might read on anyway, as I will be going… Continue reading Northern California December Events