Proportional Relationships

One good thing about the Common Core middle school standards is the emphasis on proportional relationships, and the fact that they are approached in a multidimensional way. In addition to "set up a proportion and solve it", which is probably the most common way to teach this, the standards propose multiple representations and a variety… Continue reading Proportional Relationships


A correspondent writes:We emphasize the idea that students should approach problems in multiple ways.  This has caused me to wonder about patterns.  For example:students might conclude that 3^0=1 because of the pattern 3^4=81, 3^3=27, 3^2=9, 3^1=1orwhen the second difference is constant, students will conclude that the function is quadraticorwhen a function is concave up, the… Continue reading Patterns

Geoboards and Dot Paper

If you are familiar with my curricular creations, you know that I often use the geoboard as a microworld to introduce interesting problems and important concepts. This is in line with my call for a tool-rich pedagogy. (A geoboard is a square lattice pegboard on which students use rubber bands to create and investigate geometric… Continue reading Geoboards and Dot Paper