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A crucial early influence on me as a teacher, and in fact a key reason I became a teacher, is Project SEED‘s Socratic teaching method.

A guest post about The Calculus Project, by Adrian Mims, its founder and CEO.

In More on the California Framework I respond to an open letter to the Governor, written by traditionalists. In Yet More on the California Framework (Part 1), and (Part 2) I respond to another open letter, this one from data scientists. In Detracking, How To I summarize what I consider an essential ingredient in this conversation. Other relevant materials: my earlier post on the framework revision, and my articles Reaching the Full Range and Hyper-Acceleration.

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I added an applet about the graph of y = ax2+bx+c : what is the locus of the vertex when we change one of the parameters a, b, or c?

With permission, I posted materials from the legendary Project SEED: Guidelines for Discovery Teaching, and Discovery Mathematics Modules.

I added The Three Meanings of Minus, a short discussion-provoking lesson from Algebra: Themes, Tools, Concepts.

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4 December 2021: I presented a hands-on workshop at the California Math Council conference in Asilomar — Tiling: a Springboard for Geometry. Tiling the plane (tessellation) provides opportunities for students to do creative work they take pride in. It connects with art (e.g. Escher) and culture (e.g. Islamic design). And it provides a rich context for basic geometry (sum of the angles in a polygon, parallels and transversals, regular polygons, etc.) and transformational geometry (rigid motions and some theorems about them).

16 September 2021: I sent out my e-newsletter, which included links to recent blog posts and numerous new and improved pages on my website.

June 2021: My arithmetic games are currently unavailable on the Snap! website. A GeoGebra version is on my website: Signed Numbers, Complex Numbers.

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27 November 2018: I moved my blog into WordPress (here.) I thought the move had happened smoothly, but some graphics, and some entire posts, failed to materialize. Also, many links are broken. If you come across these problems, please notify me, indicating which post had the issue. Thanks!

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