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Wallpaper Symmetry Part 1: Analyzing some tilings from the point of view of symmetry. And Wallpaper Symmetry Part 2: Using an example to show how constrained wallpaper patterns are.

User-Controlled GeoGebra Animations: This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create those.

No One Way: Where I argue that my motto for this blog is not just about pedagogy. It is about math itself!

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Updates to my Math Education Page

Pattern Block Dodecagons: I added several figures to that page, all suggested by math educators on Twitter. I also expanded the discussion questions.

Wallpapers Catalog: I used pattern blocks to create examples of all 17 mathematically different wallpaper designs. I’m hoping this will provide a friendly environment to explore symmetry, and that it will inspire others to create their own version of the patterns.

Fraction Arithmetic on Grid Paper: I drastically expanded this page, adding details, graphics, and five homemade videos. One big idea, with many uses across that domain.

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10 February 2020: I sent out my e-newsletter. Topics included guided inquiry, conic sections, a polyomino puzzle, a grid approach to fractions, graphing ax+by=c, and number pyramids. Also: an announcement of my summer workshop — Hands-On Geometry on both coasts. Alas, there was a wrong date for the latter, and a couple of broken links. It’s all fixed online!

4 February 2020: Infinity is a mind-bending topic that everyone finds interesting. I shared infinity paradoxes, puzzles, problems, and proofs from a high school course I developed at the Berkeley Math Teachers’ Circle.

7 December 2019: At the Asilomar conference, Kim Seashore and I presented Lessons from Lew. (Kinesthetic angles, Golden Ratio, Symmetric Polygons.) Later, I presented Connect the Dots, an extravaganza of geoboard / dot paper activities for ages 9 to 99: curricular challenges, interesting puzzles, and some unsolved problems.

Other News

27 November 2018: I moved my blog into WordPress (here.) I thought the move had happened smoothly, but some graphics, and some entire posts, failed to materialize. Also, many links are broken. If you come across these problems, please notify me, indicating which post had the issue. Thanks!

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