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Towards Inquiry: A few suggestions on specific steps one can take to enhance classroom discourse, and thus student understanding.

Teaching the Distributive Property: A guest post by Rachel Chou, on the importance of non-examples in solidifying student understanding.

Freakonomics Radio on Math Curriculum: My response to the latest contribution to our discipline from a well-intentioned but poorly informed outsider.

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Updates to my Math Education Page

Left or Right?: I tweaked and linked to this activity which can serve as review or assessment of understanding of y = mx + b. Answer without actually graphing: given these two linear functions, do the lines meet to the left or to the right of the y-axis?

Off and On / Add Till It’s Plaid: Two lessons that illustrate ax + by = c through possibly unfamiliar activities: what does ax + by add up to for a generic point (x,y) somewhere in the plane? what happens visually when we add or subtract a pair of equations in this form? I used video to present the core of the lessons. I also added an Off and On applet so you and your students can conduct that experiment using an equation of your choice.

Stairs: This is a beginner’s “rise over run” activity which I designed ages ago for TI calculators. Later, I attempted a Desmos version, which (perhaps due to my lack of expertise) had various issues. I replaced it with a GeoGebra applet, something I knew how to make.

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What else is new

7 December 2019: At the Asilomar conference, Kim Seashore and I will present Lessons from Lew at 11am. (Angles, Golden Ratio, Symmetric Polygons.) At 1:30pm, I will present Connect the Dots, an extravaganza of geoboard / dot paper activities for ages 9 to 99: curricular challenges, interesting puzzles, and some unsolved problems.

26 November 2019: I restored the graphics in my post Completing the Square.

30 October: I sent out my e-newsletter. The main topics were test retakes and a response to Freakonomics Radio episode about math education. I also highlighted recent contributions to my blog and website by Rachel Chou.

Old News

27 November 2018: I moved my blog into WordPress (here.) I thought the move had happened smoothly, but some graphics, and some entire posts, failed to materialize. Also, many links are broken. If you come across these problems, please notify me, indicating which post had the issue. Thanks!

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