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Technology in Math Education: Some probably controversial thoughts about going all in on tech in the math classroom.

We Need to Review! I share some thoughts on how to make review most effective.

A guest post by Liz Caffrey: Lab Gear, the Great Connector. She spells out how she uses these manipulatives in 7th and 8th grade pre-algebra and algebra. And a guest post by Meghan Lee: Polyarcs in the Classroom, on how she uses these manipulatives in her high school geometry class.

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Updates to my Math Education Page

I added 11 videos about the Lab Gear for teachers, a free at-home professional development program. I reorganized the Lab Gear page.

I added Leonardo’s Areas and made a PDF of my Polyarcs activity. Both worksheets involve perimeter and area of circles.

I added a video presentation of A New Path to the Quadratic Formula. This is an approach that does not involve parabolas or completing the square. (It is based on Constant Sums, Constant Products.)

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What else is new

27 April 2022: I sent out my e-newsletter, with links to recent blog posts and new material on my website.

26 April 2022: I scripted an animation for TED-Ed, A Vampire Riddle. I embedded the video in my new Slumber Theory page.

29 March 2022: I scripted an animation for TED-Ed, A Riddle of Ice and Fire. I embedded the video in my Map Coloring page.

Other News

27 November 2018: I moved my blog into WordPress (here.) I thought the move had happened smoothly, but some graphics, and some entire posts, failed to materialize. Also, many links are broken. If you come across these problems, please notify me, indicating which post had the issue. Thanks!

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