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Asilomar Notes: Story Tables: A session where I learned about a phenomenally powerful tool to teach about functions.

Asilomar Notes: Tech: Two interesting sessions involving the use of technology in the teaching of math. Read my notes and reactions.

On the Desire to Push Kids Ahead: A guest post by Rachel Chou about hyper-acceleration.

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Updates to my Math Education Page

Site index: I added links to the games Parisa Safa coded for me in Snap! (Signed Numbers | Complex Numbers)

A conic sections home page. (Links to the geometry of the parabola and ellipse, 2D and 3D, and more.)

What else is new

17 December 2018: I restored the Geoboard Problems for Teachers post.

15 December 2018: I restored my Polyarcs post, which had not survived the move to WordPress. Interesting discussion in the comments!

14 December 2018: I found the graphics from my Stumped by Euclidea blog post on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine! It was a bit of work to put them back into the post, but not as much work as recreating them! I’ll continue to work my way back through the posts to restore content lost in the move from Blogger.

1 December 2018: I attended the California Math Council Northern Section meeting in Asilomar. My presentation was about Reaching the Full Range of students in a heterogeneous class (i.e. any class). I put lots of links about this on my Talks page. See above for links to blog posts about sessions I attended.

Old News

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