Asilomar Report: Conic Sections

As my retirement starts to kick in, I no longer attend conferences — except for one: the annual meeting of the California Math Council (Northern Section.) Once again, I had a great day at Asilomar, a beautiful spot near Monterey, right on the Pacific Ocean. Here is my annual report. Conic Sections Figuring out an approach to… Continue reading Asilomar Report: Conic Sections


In between June 27 and August 4, 2016, I presented seven to ten workshops (depending on how you count) ranging from a couple of hours to four days. I share most of the handouts, resources, and slides on my Summer Workshops site. (See below my signature for more details on what's there.)The site will remain… Continue reading Eclectic

Hoping to see you soon!

Here is a list of my upcoming appearances, ranging from 20 minutes to a full week. Perhaps you can attend one of them!NCTM National Meeting in San FranciscoA Hands-on Approach to Operations and Equivalent Expressions  Thursday 14 April, 8:00-9:15am. 3022 Moscone WestThis is a hands-on Lab Gear workshop aimed at grades 6 to 8. The… Continue reading Hoping to see you soon!

Summer Workshops, 2015

I'll be teaching four workshops this summer, in two new locations: Seattle, and Waltham, MA (which is a half-hour West of Boston.) If you've meant to attend my workshops in the past, but couldn't make it to San Francisco, New York, or DC, perhaps these venues are more convenient for you? There will be no… Continue reading Summer Workshops, 2015

the function dance!

A friend on Google+ posted this image:<a href="data:<img alt="" border="0" src="data:I have often performed "the cubic dance" (see above!) for my students. I've also often asked them to "air graph" various functions.One complication is the fact that left and right are reversed for the person watching you, and while I try to perform things "backwards"… Continue reading the function dance!

Early Bird Discount

About three months ago, I mentioned my summer workshops for teachers and summarized how they will differ from their previous incarnations.Brief recap:- Hands-On Geometry, June 18-21 in San Francisco- Visual Algebra, August 13-15 in New York City- Re-imagining High School Math, August 16-17 in New York CityThe workshops are sponsored by the Center for Innovative… Continue reading Early Bird Discount