Summer Workshops, 2015

I’ll be teaching four workshops this summer, in two new locations: Seattle, and Waltham, MA (which is a half-hour West of Boston.) If you’ve meant to attend my workshops in the past, but couldn’t make it to San Francisco, New York, or DC, perhaps these venues are more convenient for you? There will be no workshop in San Francisco this summer, though I hope to have something in the Bay Area in 2016.

The East Coast workshops (Visual Algebra and Hands-On Geometry) are intended for middle school teachers, and include much kinesthetic and manipulative work.

The West Coast workshops will include middle school teachers, but the content will range all the way up to 11th grade, and will include a more significant tech component. One of those workshops is a somewhat expanded version of Visual Algebra, and the other is on Transformational Geometry, a topic I have often discussed on this blog.

Both versions of Visual Algebra will include a substantial Lab Gear strand, based on the new edition of my Lab Gear books, which will hopefully be available well before then.

Hands-On Geometry will largely be based on my Geometry Labs book (free download.)

Transformational Geometry is inspired by the prominence given to the topic in the Common Core State Standards. However the workshop will go beyond the letter of the Standards, both  in breadth of coverage and in mathematical depth. It will be based on Space, an advanced high school elective course I taught from 1991 to 2013.

The Seattle workshops are August 4-12. The Waltham workshops are August 17-21. I hope to see some of you there!

More information: click here or e-mail me.


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