the function dance!

A friend on Google+ posted this image:

<a href="data:<img alt="" border="0" src="data:

I have often performed “the cubic dance” (see above!) for my students. I’ve also often asked them to “air graph” various functions.

One complication is the fact that left and right are reversed for the person watching you, and while I try to perform things “backwards” so they will look right to the students, I allow them to do it so that it’s right from their point of view.

This image suggests a nice review activity is possible. It would be fun after all these functions are familiar to ask students to act them out one at a time, like the character in the image. And then to project this image and to discuss whether we agree with the drawings. (At least one is out-and-out wrong, and I have quibbles with at least four others.)

 For more along these lines, click on the “Kinesthetics” link on the right of the page, or check out this page on my Web site.


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