Early Bird Discount

About three months ago, I mentioned my summer workshops for teachers and summarized how they will differ from their previous incarnations.

Brief recap:
– Hands-On Geometry, June 18-21 in San Francisco
– Visual Algebra, August 13-15 in New York City
– Re-imagining High School Math, August 16-17 in New York City

The workshops are sponsored by the Center for Innovative Teaching, which I direct, and will be held respectively at the Urban School of San Francisco and at Chapin School in New York. I hope to see some of you there!

Breaking news! The deadline for the Early Bird discount rate for my Hands-On Geometry workshop (15% off) has been pushed back to April 30!

There is more info on my Web site, and on the CIT site.


[I updated this post to reflect the changed deadline, and to add the link to the CIT site]

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