Yet More on the California Framework (Part 1)

There is a new open letter by STEM practitioners who oppose the California Math Framework revision (CMFR). The same group also published an Analysis and Critique of the proposed changes, and a blog post by Boaz Barak and Edith Cohen. I’ll use the latter's initials (BB/EC) to refer to them and the set of three… Continue reading Yet More on the California Framework (Part 1)

Asilomar report, 2021

I attended the California Math Council North’s conference in Asilomar last weekend. Because of Covid, it was a dramatically smaller conference than usual. As a consequence, there were fewer sessions to choose from, and probably a smaller turnout for many of them. Here is my nearly annual report. Python Turtle Ned Diamond presented the Python… Continue reading Asilomar report, 2021

Integrating the High School Math Curriculum

The standard middle school / high school course sequence in much of the US is Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus. This is pretty much a US-only concept: elsewhere, algebra and geometry are taught every year in middle school and high school. This American tradition leads to many endemic problems: The traditional Algebra 1 includes an enormous amount of… Continue reading Integrating the High School Math Curriculum

The California Math Framework Revision

California is revising its Math Framework. A draft has been updated after a first round of public comments, and a second round will take place starting in December. The Framework is of course an important document that will affect math instruction in public schools throughout the state for at least several years. I have not seen… Continue reading The California Math Framework Revision

Seeing is Believing?

“Proofs Without Words” are proofs based on a visual representation of a theorem which provides a convincing argument about its validity without the need for any accompanying text. The genre has been much enriched by the increased availability of computer animation. This is of course relevant to math education: many of the concepts we teach can be illustrated visually, including with… Continue reading Seeing is Believing?