Upcoming Talks

I’ll be speaking on “Teacher Collaboration: A key to improving math instruction” at the California Math Council’s Asilomar Conference, Saturday Dec 6.

I’ve presented at Asilomar almost every year since the mid-eighties. It is often the place where I present new talks before taking them to other, more distant meetings. This time, however, I’ll be adapting a talk I’ve developed and given with Jonathan Howland, the Dean of Faculty at my school. He and I pulled this together several years ago, when he chaired the English Department at Urban, to present at the National Association of Independent Schools national meeting. The talk was exceedingly well received.

For Asilomar, I will be rethinking it to have a math focus, to concentrate more on my own experience, and (hopefully) to be useful to teachers in a variety of schools — not just private schools.

Also: I’ll present “Space: An alternate elective after Algebra 2” at the NCTM National Meeting, in Washington DC in April. (This is a talk I premiered last year at Asilomar.)

I posted descriptions of both talks, and some additional information, on my Talks page, where you will also find links to relevant pages on my site.

See you in Asilomar or DC?


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