A correspondent asks whether I plan on posting TI-nspire activities on my site.

I certainly don’t rule it out. I have a TI-nspire CAS, which I intend to explore as a possible standard for my school. (We’ve been using the TI-89.) As I learn how to use it, I may well translate some of my TI-83-84-89 activities for it. But this is not a high priority, as we’re not going to make the switch for the 2009/2010 school year.

One reason for not switching right away is that I have now heard from several sources that this calculator involves a steep learning curve. At least two schools I’ve heard of use the TI-nspire in TI-84 mode… There is no equivalent option for the CAS version. So I want to take my time and make sure it makes sense, and also have time to train my colleagues. (Our tech professional development has to be carefully strategized, as we also use multiple software programs on our Mac laptops…)

As always with technology, I will happily post other people’s versions of what I offer on the site, and credit them. In particular, I am happy to post your Sketchpad versions of my Cabri files, and your TI-nspire versions of my TI-eighty-something files.


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