No More 3D Lab Gear?

A correspondent tells me that the 3D Lab Gear is no longer available from Creative Publications. (You’d think that Creative would have notified me, but to them I barely exist anymore.) The correspondent adds that non-3D, “regular” Lab Gear is still available by phone or on line.

Unfortunately, I can’t suggest an alternate source for the 3D blocks. Perhaps Creative would allow me to have some manufactured and sell them myself — that is what they did some time ago with the superTangrams. But I don’t have room to store any more such materials. I am sure another publisher would not agree to sell 3D Lab Gear if they can’t sell all the associated materials. In short, that seems to be the end of the road for those, at least for now.

I’ll update the Lab Gear pages on the site as soon as I get confirmation of this from Creative.


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