Using my materials in workshops

Once in a while, I get a request for permission to use some of my materials as part of a teacher training workshop. Here is the general answer.

If the material is from one of the books whose copyright is currently held by a commercial publisher, I believe the rule of thumb about fair use is that you can duplicate up to ten percent of the pages. This applies to Geometry Labs, Zome Geometry, Lab Gear Activities for Algebra 1, The Algebra Lab: Middle School, and my pentomino books.

If I hold the copyright, (as is the case for most of the material on this site,) you have permission to use as much of it as you want, under these conditions:
– You do not sell the materials,
– You credit me as the author, and direct participants to my Math Education Page on the Web
– You let the participants know that they are bound by the same conditions
More detail on this can be found on this page.

(Where to find my books.)

In any case, good luck with the workshops!


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