Op ed in The Mathematics Teacher

I had an op ed (“Soundoff“) published in the November 2010 issue of The Mathematics Teacher, a special issue on technology. ( I suspect it is only available on line to members of the National Council of Teachers of Math.) The piece is a substantially expanded version of my blog posts about why I use the interactive white board. It is illustrated with actual white boards from various of my classes.

In addition to making the case for that technology, I use the article to argue –as I often do– against the idea that math class should be 100% student discovery, or 100% teacher presentation. The latter, of course, is a particular concern in an article about a teacher-centric tool like the interactive board.

The article is on my Web site.


PS: (2018) As technology has continued to advance, there are now many alternatives to the interactive whiteboard. Still, the underlying arguments in the article remain valid.

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