Workshops in New York in August

I will be leading two summer workshops for teachers in New York City, Aug 13-17.

The early-bird registration discount (15% off) is being extended to June 25.


I have offered this 3-day workshop, and various parts of it, many, many times. It’s about intelligent use of manipulatives and technology, plus a parallel axes representation. Also: three approaches to the quadratic formula. The goal is simultaneously to reach more students, and attain more depth.


I have presented very abbreviated versions of this 2-day workshop at some conferences, and received a rather enthusiastic reception whenever I’ve done it. It’s an attempt to offer a way of thinking about high school math as student-centered, and constantly evolving through departmental discussion of pedagogy, use of tools, a gradual escape from the textbook, and alternative assessment strategies. I look forward to hearing from others how they are managing this at their schools.


In addition to New York, people will be coming from New Jersey, Virginia, DC, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Texas. There is still room for you to join them, but act soon!

Read more about these workshops on my Web site.

This is a program of the Center for Innovative Teaching, which is based at The Urban School of San Francisco. The workshops are being offered at the Chapin School in NYC.

CIT also offers workshops on a number of other topics: using the interactive whiteboard, screencasting and flipped teaching, etc. Find out more, and register on the CIT site.

I hope to see some of you there!


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