CAIS North

The California Association of Independent Schools will be holding its every-other-year Northern California Regional Meeting on March 11 in Oakland. If you work at a member school, I may see you there. Here is what I plan to do that day:

Session 1: I will join Laura Hawkins, who succeeded me as math department chair at the Urban School, in a discussion about strengthening math departments. (I’m listed as the presenter, but really, this was submitted as a joint presentation, and that’s what it will be.)

Session 2: I will make a cameo appearance in my colleague Scott Nelson’s extraordinary presentation on how technology allowed his analytic geometry class to become both more accessible and more challenging. I wrote about it here.

Session 3: I will attend Liz Caffrey’s talk on Teaching Equity and Social Justice in the Math Classroom. Liz used to work with me at Urban, and is a fellow member of Escape from the Textbook! I know a little bit about the projects she will present, and look forward to learning more.


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