Working with Pentominoes

Didax just published my book Working with Pentominoes. It is geared to grades 4-8, though I use some of the content in high school.

Pentominoes are a geometric puzzle, a staple of recreational mathematics. This is what they look like:

You can read more about them on my Web site: Geometric Puzzles in the Classroom.

The book is an update of my 1986 book Pentomino Lessons. Many of the lessons are unchanged, but it is keyed to the Common Core State Standards, and it includes an e-book version. which makes it possible to project any page onto a screen or interactive white board. Moreover, the e-book includes virtual pentominoes, which can be manipulated on screen to help with class discussions.

To buy the book ($16.95), go to the Didax Web site.

Other pentomino publications:

  • My book Pentomino Activities, Lessons, and Puzzles (1986)  is out of print, or nearly so. You may be able to order it from McGraw-Hill. It is quite a bit more expensive ($53.07), but in addition to the lessons, it includes dozens if not hundreds of puzzles, ranging from very accessible to very difficult.
  • Two other pentomino products I created (in 1984) are going out of print, but can still be purchased from Carson-Dellosa: Math Machine Pentomino Puzzles is a box containing 48 puzzles and two sets of plastic pentominoes. It is on sale for $16.00. Sixteen of those puzzles were also published separately, as Pentomino Pattern Cards, and those are on sale for $4.99.

I am quite pleased with the longevity of my pentomino materials. They have brought recreational mathematics to who knows how many kids over more than 25 years,. With the publication of the Didax book / ebook, I am excited that it’s not over yet!


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