In preparation for my Asilomar talk, I have updated all my function diagram Java applets to HTML 5.

What that means is that (a) you won’t get the annoying and scary message warning you of the dangers of Java, (b) the applets will work on a tablet, and (c) you won’t need to have GeoGebra installed on your computer, you can just use a browser.

The launch page for all these applets (nine of them) is here. (If you’re a GeoGebra user, you might as well download the lot of them here to use offline in your own machine.)

Because I made those in GeoGebra, there are a couple of improvements on the previous version, the main one being that in several of the applets you can now change the function under examination.

Also, for the first time on my site, I offer a way to make your own function diagram to copy-paste into another application. This was a frequent request of people who attended my workshops. Here is a cool image I created on it:

Guess the function!

No doubt this applet can be improved, so if you have feature requests, send them my way. (And likewise if you implement your own features! I’ll post your creations and credit you.)

The process of uploading GeoGebra applets is a bit labor intensive, as it requires going through the GeoGebraTube site. But it works, and I will be doing more along these lines in the coming months.


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