Summer Workshops

I’ll be teaching four workshops in June, at the Urban School of San Francisco’s Center for Innovative Teaching. I just posted the info here.

Some changes from past years:

  • I’ve broken up my Geometry workshop, which used to be three or four days, into two chunks, two days each. The first (Hands-On Geometry) will be based largely on my Geometry Labs book, and involve kinesthetic activities and manipulatives. It will be geared to grades 7-10. The second (Transformational Geometry) is in response to the Common Core call for an emphasis on transformational geometry in grades 8-11. It will be based on the work I’ve done for twenty years in my Space elective, and it will involve a fair amount of work in GeoGebra.
  • Speaking of GeoGebra: I’ll be teaching a one-day “Advanced GeoGebra” workshop. This will focus on some features of the software that make it easier to construct more complicated figures and to create applets. 

My No Limits (Algebra 2 / Precalculus) workshop will be largely unchanged from last summer’s version, which went quite well. What’s new is that anyone who signs up for the whole week (Transformational Geometry, Advanced GeoGebra, and No Limits) will be getting a solid introduction to GeoGebra, which we will work with every day. (My own conversion to GeoGebra is fairly recent. Read about it in these posts.)

Registration and logistics info will be posted on the CIT Web site in January.
Oh, one more thing: a limited number of public school teachers will get a 90% discount off of their tuition.


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