Fathom: Free for Now!

See below for a letter from Bill Finzer, the leader of the Fathom team, dated June 15, 2014.

Fathom is outstanding software for statistics, but also for basic algebra. If you are not familiar with it, I strongly recommend you check it out. It is free for the duration of this school year.

Once you have it, you might also download the few Fathom files I have posted on my Web site. Find the links here.


PS: Bill’s struggle to get McGraw-Hill to release the copyright was successful within 3 or 4 months. Not bad, compared to my 12-year tribulations with the Lab Gear.

Fathom Dynamic Data Software (free)

The release of Fathom 2.2 is today! And it is free. It will expire June 15, 2015.

To download, go to the Fathom Dynamic Data Software site, fill out the form, and download your preferred version.

Please help us spread the word through social media, blogs, email, and word of mouth. You can refer people to the download site.

The backstory and why this is an expiring version: As you can read in this open letter, McGraw-Hill Education ceased publishing Fathom in January of 2014. In March they transferred the Fathom copyright to me. I’ve put together the free, expiring version so that users are not left in the lurch and I can work on a long term solution for distributing Fathom. There will be a long term solution! At the very least there will be a new, free, expiring version.

If I have versions 2.1x should I delete them? No, you should keep them. You already paid for these, and they are not substantively different from version 2.2. If and when a new version of Fathom is ready for sale, you may not want to pay for it.  So keep your early version that you’ve already paid for.

What’s different in this version? As explained on the web site, there are a couple things lacking in version 2.2. And we’re not able to provide technical support. (Sorry about that.)

Thank you all for your support. Enjoy Fathom!

Bill Finzer, Senior Scientist
Concord Consortium

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