Summer Workshop Dates 2016

 I’ll be offering four workshops for math teachers this summer.

At the Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA:

June 27-30: Visual Algebra (grades 7-11)
July 1: Seeking Depth in Algebra 2

At the Principia School in Saint Louis, MO:

July 25-27: Visual Algebra (grades 6-9)
July 28-29: No Limits! (Algebra 2-Precalculus)

The grades 6-9 version of Visual Algebra is a subset of the grades 7-11 version. Both versions include a thorough introduction to the Lab Gear, among several visual approaches.

The Algebra 2 workshop is a subset of No Limits!

More info about the content of the workshops on my Summer Workshops page. I will post registration info there when it’s all set up, probably in late January. Meanwhile, save the dates!

In both Oakland and Saint Louis, it makes sense to sign up for a whole week. I also recommend doing this with a colleague, which will make it easier to implement some of what you learn once you’re back at work in the fall.

All the workshops are aligned with the Common Core.


PS: If the times or locations don’t work for you, I can offer a workshop for your school or district. Contact me directly.

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