Upcoming presentations

I have a bunch of presentations coming up. That will be your last chance to hear me for a while, as my NCTM San Antonio talk was rejected†. Who knows, maybe retirement will finally kick in!

Online Webinar: Reaching the Full Range

As everyone knows, students learn math at different rates. What should we do about it? I propose a two-prong strategy based on alliance with the strongest students, and support for the weakest. On the one hand, relatively easy-to-implement ways to insure constant forward motion and eternal review. On the other hand, a tool-based pedagogy that supports multiple representations, and increases both access and challenge.

This is part of the Global Math Department‘s weekly webinars. It will take place on
Tuesday, November 29, 6pm Pacific time, on the BigMarker site:

Asilomar: A Deep Dive Into Transformational Proof in HS Geometry
(with Lew Douglas)

In this three-hour session, we will provide a detailed framework for transformational proof, including a set of clearly-specified assumptions. We will use these assumptions to prove basic transformational theorems. With these in hand, you can prove triangle congruence and similarity conditions (formerly taken as postulates) and proceed traditionally, or prove the customary theorems without using congruent or similar triangles. It is also possible to combine transformational and traditional proofs. This session is for you as a teacher-learner. We will not focus on activities for students. That said, we will include interactive components and whole-group discussion.

This is part of CMC-North’s Asilomar Friday mini-conference, (1:30-4:30, on Dec 2), Acacia.
You need to sign up in advance.

If you’re coming, bring a laptop or tablet with GeoGebra or similar.

Asilomar: Computing Transformations Using Complex Numbers and Matrices

I will assume familiarity with the basics of transformational geometry, and present topics for possible use in grades 10-12. An introduction to the mathematics underlying computer graphics: a visual approach to complex numbers in Algebra 2, including review and extension of trigonometry; application of complex numbers to the computation of geometric transformations; and finally 2 by 2 and 3 by 3 matrices for these computations, including how complex numbers help us find the matrix for rotations.

This is a session at the Pacific Grove Middle School, Room 6, on Saturday Dec 3, at 9:30am.

Asilomar: Ignite!

20 slides, that advance automatically every 15 seconds. I’ll try to survive the pressure.

In Merrill Hall starting at about 7:30 PM on Saturday Dec 3.

That’s all for now!


Read about how it all turned out in my next post!

† My NCTM San Antonio talk was rejected because I mentioned the Lab Gear in the application. This is baffling because that was not a problem in San Francisco or Phoenix.

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