Northern California December Events

I suspect that some readers of this blog do not subscribe to my newsletter, so I will use this post and the next to let you know about some news in my math education life. If you did get the November issue of the newsletter, you might read on anyway, as I will be going… Continue reading Northern California December Events

Triangle Congruence and Similarity tweaks

I just tweaked my documents on a transformational approach to triangle congruence and similarity, thanks to feedback from Bill McCallum.- Version 1 (more opinionated and footnoted)- Version 2 (co-authored with Lew Douglas, better section on similarity)The main change is to the SAS proof, which did not correspond to its illustration. If you downloaded earlier versions,… Continue reading Triangle Congruence and Similarity tweaks

Summer Workshops, 2015

I'll be teaching four workshops this summer, in two new locations: Seattle, and Waltham, MA (which is a half-hour West of Boston.) If you've meant to attend my workshops in the past, but couldn't make it to San Francisco, New York, or DC, perhaps these venues are more convenient for you? There will be no… Continue reading Summer Workshops, 2015

Proportional Relationships

One good thing about the Common Core middle school standards is the emphasis on proportional relationships, and the fact that they are approached in a multidimensional way. In addition to "set up a proportion and solve it", which is probably the most common way to teach this, the standards propose multiple representations and a variety… Continue reading Proportional Relationships