Growth Mindset for Teachers?

Back in 2005, I spoke at the Asilomar meeting of the California Math Council. In that session (cheerfully titled "Nothing Works",) I presented a great many ideas about every aspect of the art of teaching math (slides | outline | article). Among those ideas:Make mathematical mistakes on purpose or otherwise, and model a positive response… Continue reading Growth Mindset for Teachers?

Northern California December Events

I suspect that some readers of this blog do not subscribe to my newsletter, so I will use this post and the next to let you know about some news in my math education life. If you did get the November issue of the newsletter, you might read on anyway, as I will be going… Continue reading Northern California December Events

Pattern Blocks on Pi Day

I'll be offering a workshop for middle school and high school teachers on March 14 at the American Institute for Mathematics in San Jose. My topic is pattern blocks:<img alt="" height="76" src="data:¬†Pattern blocks are ubiquitous in elementary schools, but they're not commonly seen in middle school or high school. Yet, they do offer plenty of… Continue reading Pattern Blocks on Pi Day

Saturday workshop

I will present a workshop at the the Math Teachers' Circle in Palo Alto (at the American Institute of Mathematics.) The topic is area on a lattice, which we will explore on geoboards and dot paper. We will discuss "curricular" classroom applications (the Pythagorean theorem, simplifying radicals) as well as Pick's theorem and its proof,… Continue reading Saturday workshop

Asilomar Report, Part 2

Read about my morning at the Asilomar meeting of the California Math Council here.My afternoon was taken up with function diagrams. First, I attended Martin Flashman's presentation on this topic, then I made my own presentation, and finally I had dinner with Martin. (If you know nothing about function diagrams, read no further. Or find… Continue reading Asilomar Report, Part 2