The Final Frontier

I updated the page on my Space post-algebra 2 advanced geometry elective. I added a fair amount of additional details based on this year’s iteration of the course.

I also gave a talk about the course today, which suffered from a bit of a tech meltdown at the end, as I had trouble going back and forth between Keynote (Apple’s presentation software), Cabri II+ and Cabri 3D (great geometry software). The lesson: always mirror projector and laptop screens, which is what I’ll do when I give an abbreviated version of this talk at the NCTM national meeting in DC this spring. (I had 90 minutes today, I’ll have only 60 minutes in DC.)

This was the first time I used Cabri II+ 1.4.2 for the Mac in public. I had some frustrating moments in planning, with a couple of crashes, but in the end it was great to have access to the “hide/show” buttons. I look forward to using expressions and graphs, and to using Cabri more in my algebra classes. These features have been in the PC version for a long time, but mostly didn’t work on Macs. Hopefully they’ll fix the remaining bugs before too long!


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