Big Fun!

In time for my summer workshops, I have a new page on complex numbers, featuring an explanation of the approach I recommend for teaching this topic, worksheets for Algebra 2 and beyond, and (big fun!) online games to introduce and practice complex number arithmetic.

Over the decades, I created versions of these games in three education-oriented computer languages: Logo, and its descendants Boxer and BYOB. With the sequential demise of each platform, I was forced to start from scratch in a new one. Later, a friend made a Cabri 3D version for me and my students. I created the current version in GeoGebra, so it is the fifth platform for this idea. Because the games can played on a browser, I hope and assume they will reach their broadest audience yet. Will it still be possible to play them in a few years? Who knows.

Meanwhile, I hope you and your students enjoy the games!

Please let me know if you find bugs, and if you’d like new versions of these games. (Not that I have time for this, but it may be worth the trouble to create polar versions for addition and subtraction, rectangular versions for multiplication and division, radian versions for all the polar games, and –why not– real numbers one-D versions for the four operations to introduce signed number arithmetic to kids in upper elementary and middle school. In an environment that is more programmable than GeoGebra, all of this could coexist in one big program with different options. Heck it may even be possible in GeoGebra, but this was all I had time for.)


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