New stuff on my Web site

I am busy preparing for my summer workshops, so I’m blogging less and adding more stuff to my Web site.

Here’s a list of recent additions:

– A new Geometric Construction page, including a whole unit with a teachers’ guide, plus a GeoGebra page with tools limited to straightedge and compass construction. Also an applet / file for making triangles given SSS, SAS, etc. and the accompanying worksheet (“Constructing Triangles”.) And finally an applet that makes clear why SSA does not guarantee congruence.

– New GeoGebra files to accompany my analysis of Soccer Angles — a geometric optimization problem which unexpectedly leads to a hyperbola. It is an advanced extension to a hands-on lesson in Geometry Labs. The original lesson is an application of the inscribed angle theorem, geared to a normal 10th grade geometry class.

– New GeoGebra applets to illustrate my page on the geometry of the parabola.
– A not-yet-complete and not-yet-well-organized directory of the applets on my site.

More soon, I hope.

Click away!


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